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[Marketplace News] Double Pug Switch Is Now Available For Xbox One

Bruno® 22 Octobre 2020

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    Double Pug Switch

    aPriori Digital

    Get it now
    Take control of the Pug Otis, the loyal companion of the Professor! After an accident in the Professor’s lab involving the mischievous cat Whiskers and some Portal Fluids, Otis and Whiskers are sucked into an alternate dimension. Challenge yourself with side-scrolling alternative dimension switching mania requiring lightning quick reflexes to jump, hop, and dimension swap your way to victory. Hop, dimension swap and navigate your way through unique dimensions to chase down Whiskers and save him from his evil wrongdoings!

    Product Info:

    Developer: The Polygon Loft
    Publisher: aPriori Digital
    Website: Double Pug Switch
    Twitter: @thepolygonloft / @aPrioriDigital
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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