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[Marketplace News] Gigantosaurus The Game Is Now Available For Xbox One

Bruno® 27 Mars 2020, à 05:58

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    Gigantosaurus The Game

    Outright Games Ltd

    Get it now
    Explore and race across the prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus. This Disney dino tale is part saving the world, part super race, and all giant fun! Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill have scary problems – like the meteor that’s blocked up Giganto’s volcano! Only you and your dino friends can dare to solve puzzles and save the day – but you might need Giganto’s powers too! And the end of each story is the start of a super rally to the next zone. Will you be the most roarsome adventurer or the fastest racer?

    Product Info:

    Developer: Wildsphere
    Publisher: Outright Games
    Website: Gigantosaurus The Game
    Twitter: @WildSphere / @Outright_Games
    Gigantosaurus The Game Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One
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    Race With Ryan Is Now Available For Xbox One
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